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Last night Brian presented a special class on Bookkeeping and Accounting for Real Estate Investors for our local real estate investor club. In that presentation he talked about a number of topics dealing with getting organized and tracking income and expenses and other paperwork for your rental properties. He talked about using Dropbox and specifically how he organizes both his digital and paper filing systems.

And he also talked about various software applications you can use for tracking income and expenses like Quick Books and a number of others. But, the highlight of the class was when Brain demonstrated the Excel spreadsheet he personally uses to keep track of his rental properties.

And the good news is… he’s given me permission to share it with all of you so you can download it and use it in your own real estate business.

Premium Nomads can also use the web based version.

Images of Brian’s Bookkeeping and Accounting Spreadsheet

Here are some example images from the spreadsheet with a link below for you to download it.

The image above shows the list of income categories and expense categories (which you can edit should you need to) that match the IRS income and expense categories you will need when filing your taxes or when sending this information to your CPA to prepare your taxes.

The image above shows the list of your properties and LLCs or other entities that you want to track income and expenses for. Just add a new one and the new one will appear in the dropdown choices for running reports.

The image above shows a summary of the income for all properties… there is a single tab for entering income for all your properties and entities. That’s what is shown.

You might have guessed it was coming and you’d be right… the image above shows a summary of the expenses for all properties… just like the income tab, there is a single tab for entering expenses for all your properties and entities. That is this one.

Here is one of many reports available showing the itemized income and expenses for a particular property.

Download Brian’s Bookkeeping and Accounting Spreadsheet

Here’s the link to download Brian’s spreadsheet as an Excel file (available for free to any logged in user).

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Web-Based Bookkeeping and Accounting for Rental Properties

Premium Nomads can view the houses they’ve entered in the system and track income and expenses using the online version of Brian’s spreadsheet as well. Here’s a screen shot of the online version.

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