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Catch Up Nomad is primarily for Nomads using the Nomad investing strategy to catch up on saving for your retirement. I like to describe it as waking up one morning sometime around the age of 35 to 55 and realizing that you don’t quite have enough (or… gasp… anything at all) saved for retirement. What do you do? What are your options?

The Catch Up Nomad strategy shows you a clear path for utilizing Nomad to quickly and easily go from cat food to caviar.

We have two very different recordings of presentations I made for Catch Up Nomad. One is a Power Point presentation that I made in 2016 and the second is a presentation where I go over the Nomad Calculator Classic with Jassen on his Nomad properties in the context of his own Catch Up Nomad situation. Both are worth watching.

First, watch the latest recording of Catch Up Nomad where we go over the Nomad Calculator Classic with Jassen on his Nomad properties that he is using as a Catch Up Nomad himself.

In the video, I also mention the Nomad Calculator Classic FAQs that describes more information about the Nomad Calculator Classic.

Then, watch the 2016 recorded version of Catch Up Nomad Overview class I recorded which covers the same Catch Up Nomad idea, but in a different way.

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Watch the recording of the live presentation of "Catch Up Nomad Overview" available on:

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