Standard Process Improvement Questions

"Getting better" is a key Nomad philosophy.

With that in mind, I am constantly thinking of ways to better serve my own local Nomad clients (as well as other investor and owner occupant buyers and sellers). This extends beyond just my clients and into myself, my staff and my key partners.

Systematically going through each step of my processes and asking myself "get better" questions is how we ultimately get better and serve at a higher level.

The following are some key questions I ask myself about how I can improve our systems and processes and make them better.

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New Sponsor On-boarding Process

Welcome! The following describes the on-boarding process for new Real Estate Agent and Lender Sponsors.

Originally, I had planned for this to be my own internal checklist for what to do to bring a new Sponsor onboard, but it occurred to me that many Sponsors would like to see what I actually want new Real Estate Agents and Lenders that work with my Nomad clients to know. So, this has become a hybrid of things I should do when someone new comes onboard and also sharing what I’d recommend people working with my Nomad clients should know.

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Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agent and Lender Sponsors

Last week Tammy and I sat down and drew a very crude version of the following flow chart on my white board in my office. I'll probably end up teaching an entire class on this in the future.


With the intention of making 2017 even better than 2016, we determined that getting more people to our local real estate investor classes was the best goal we could focus on.

I sat down with a couple spreadsheets containing data from our local real estate investor classes and the transactions we did in 2016. I'll loop back to the ads above, but I'll share with you some of the data that made us decide to focus on some Facebook ads.

Background for Assumptions: My Investor Club Numbers for 2016

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Benefits of Becoming a Client

My local real estate brokerage business model is largely to provide amazing, free real estate classes to real estate investors with an emphasis on providing classes to Nomads.

So, if I am providing all of these great classes for free, what motivates a person to become a client?

Part of it is good, ethical guilt... I am providing so much value that they feel guilted into using me to buy and sell real estate if they want to continue to come to and benefit from the classes and tools I provide. But, there are a few additional client benefits I provide (listed below).

I have not always done the best job sharing this with clients or potential clients, but I do plan to make a handout of this and include it with the class handouts and/or class schedules that I give out in classes to people so they become more aware.

With further delay, here's the list of benefits of becoming a client...

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100 Ways to Get a Nomad Client in the Next 12 Months

I'm probably butchering the story, but the marketing concept has stuck with me. So, my bastardized version of the story that Dan Kennedy would tell is that there was a dentist that would move to a new town, start up a new dental practice and shortly after would be the number one dentist in town. Then, he'd sell the business, move to a new town and start over again. Eventually, as the story goes, some of the dentists in town approached him and asked, "what are you doing to get all these new clients and grow your business when we've been in town with dental practices for years?" The marketing savvy dentist would then tell them that he knows 100 different ways to acquire a new dental client each month and he does ALL of them.

Back in May, 2016 I had a thought: what if I could get 50 new Nomad clients in the next 12 months that would be buying a house every year for the next 10 years. That's what the Nomad model suggests: you buy a new home each year as an owner occupant and convert the previous to a rental.

I liked the idea of thinking about it in this way. It is how I think about a lot of things... break out the process into steps and then look at what I can do at each step to make it better, easier, more profitable, more fun. One of the steps to doing 50 transactions a year consistently is to find new clients and if you want to work with Nomads that means finding 50 new Nomad clients that you can help with your excellent service and the classes we provide on your behalf.

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