Checklist Tags

We group tasks by tags. One task can have multiple tags so that it can be categorized into multiple groups. For example, a class on Catch Up Nomad might be grouped in with the 'Class' tag but also in the 'Catch Up Nomad' tag.

You can see the list of the various tags we have below. Click on the tag name to see a list of tasks with that tag.

Nomad Category Tags

Tag Name Tools
Before Checklists
Buying Process Overview
First Meeting
First Meeting: Paperwork
First Meeting: Professional Services Provided
First Meeting: Your Real Estate Goals
First Meeting: Financing
First Meeting: Receive Property Lists
First Meeting: Analyze Deal
First Meeting: Write Offer
During Checklists
Pre-Showings: Qualify with Lender
Pre-Showings: Pre-approval Letter
Pre-Showings: Earnest Money
Pre-Showings: Down Payment
Pre-Showings: Mock Contract
Showings: Request Showing
Showings: Buyer Tour
Showings: MLS Sheet
Showings: Looking at Houses
Writing Offer
Writing Offer: Pre-Offer Due Diligence
Writing Offer: Strategize
Writing Offer: Info Required
Writing Offer: Draft Offer
Writing Offer: Review Offer
Writing Offer: Sign Offer
Writing Offer: Present Offer
Writing Offer: Negotiate Offer
Contract To Close
Contract To Close: General
Contract Deadline: Acceptance Deadline Date
Contract Deadline: Acceptance Deadline Time
Contract Deadline: Alternative Earnest Money Deadline
Contract To Close: Title
Contract Deadline: Record Title Deadline
Contract Deadline: Record Title Objection Deadline
Contract Deadline: Off-Record Title Deadline
Contract Deadline: Off-Record Title Objection Deadline
Contract Deadline: Title Resolution Deadline
Contract Deadline: Right of First Refusal Deadline
Contract To Close: Owner's Association
Contract Deadline: Association Documents Deadline
Contract Deadline: Association Documents Objection Deadline
Contract To Close: Seller's Property Disclosure
Contract Deadline: Seller's Property Disclosure Deadline
Contract To Close: Loan and Credit
Contract Deadline: Loan Application Deadline
Contract Deadline: Loan Objection Deadline
Contract Deadline: Buyer's Credit Information Deadline
Contract Deadline: Disapproval of Buyer's Credit Information Deadline
Contract Deadline: Existing Loan Documents Deadline
Contract Deadline: Existing Loan Documents Objection Deadline
Contract Deadline: Loan Transfer Approval Deadline
Contract Deadline: Seller or Private Financing Deadline
Contract To Close: Appraisal
Contract Deadline: Appraisal Deadline
Contract Deadline: Appraisal Objection Deadline
Contract Deadline: Appraisal Resolution Deadline
Contract To Close: Survey
Contract Deadline: New ILC or New Survey Deadline
Contract Deadline: New ILC or New Survey Objection Deadline
Contract Deadline: New ILC or New Survey Resolution Deadline
Contract To Close: Inspection and Due Diligence
Contract Deadline: Inspection Objection Deadline
Contract Deadline: Inspection Resolution Deadline
Contract Deadline: Property Insurance Objection Deadline
Contract Deadline: Due Diligence Documents Delivery Deadline
Contract Deadline: Due Diligence Documents Objection Deadline
Contract Deadline: Due Diligence Documents Resolution Deadline
Contract Deadline: Conditional Sale Deadline
Contract To Close: Closing and Possession
Contract Deadline: Closing Date
Contract Deadline: Possession Date
Contract Deadline: Possession Time
Change Address
Closing: Prepare For Closing
Closing: Closing Real Estate
Closing: Closing Financing
Closing: Immediately After
After Checklists
Dream Team - Post-Closing
Post-Closing Bookkeeping and Accounting
Maintain Your LLC
Prepare to be a Landlord
Prepare Property for Rent
Advertise Property for Rent
Take Calls from Tenants
Showings to Tenants
Process Application
Approve Applicant
Collect Rent
Collect Reservation Deposit
Lease Signing and Lease Review
Document Property Condition
Pre-Occupancy Reminders to Tenant
Tenant Move-In
Tenant Week 1
Tenant Month 1
Tenant Periodic Inspections
Tenant Turn-over Preparation
Tenant Turn-over
Property Maintenance
Emergency Plan
Next Property

Nomad Tags

Tag Name Tools
Alarms Maintenance
Analyzing Deals
Appliance Maintenance
Asset Protection
Black Mold
Bookkeeping and Accounting for Nomads
Bounced Rent Check
Buy at Home Improvement Store
Capital Expenses
Cash Flow
Cash Reserves
Catch Up Nomad
Caulking Paint Maintenance
City Ordinance Violation
College Nomad
Computer Setup
Debt Paydown
Down Payment
Dream Team
Dream Team - Pre-Closing
Earnest Money
Emergency Escape Plan
Exterior Maintenance
Fixer Upper Nomad
For Lenders
For Real Estate Agents
Future Narrative
Get Your First Deal Done
Heating Cooling Maintenance
Interest Rate
Landscaping Maintenance
Leaking Water Heater
Legacy Nomad
Little Down Nomad
Making Offers
Market Stats
Meetup Setup
Move-In Inspection Report
Net Operating Income
New Construction
Nomad Basics
Not Maintaining the Property
One Roommate Did Not Pay Rent
Owner Financing
Partnerships - Setup
Plumbing Maintenance
Private Mortgage Insurance
Professional Services Provided
Property Management
Property Search
Rent Not Paid By Due Date
Rent Not Paid by the 5th
Rent Paid After the 1st and Before the 5th
Rental Application
Rental Application Evaluation Criteria
Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet
Resolving Challenging Tenant Scenarios
Return On Equity
Return On Investment
Sellers Property Disclosure
Solving Tenant Challenges
Tenant Challenge Scenario
Tenant Death
Tenant Eviction
Tenant Hold Over
Tenant Scenario: Rent Not Paid by Due Date
Tenant Screening
Ultimate Nomad Checklist
Understanding Appreciation
Windows/Doors Maintenance
Winterize Your Home
Young Nomad

Week Tags

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