Lease Option Ad for Property Listed in MLS for Clients

Some of your Nomad clients will have more than the down payments needed to do the plain vanilla Nomad model of buying one property a year. Some will have additional down payment to start with and some will be actively working toward having multiple down payments especially if they’re using a lease option exit.

For example, in our class on How to Acquire a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio with Just $3,000, we discuss deliberately trying using the lease option exit strategy to be buying multiple properties each year and putting lease option tenant buyers in those properties.

One of my personal philosophies (and one I hope you’ll adopt) is what can I do to make my Nomad’s lives easier, better, more fun and more profitable. You’ll see this reflected repeatedly when I discuss each step of the systems and processes. For now, I want to share with you that I will often advertise for my Nomads to help them find lease option tenants buyers and taking the first phone call.

I’m sure I’ll cover that in detail in a future post, but for now, I want to share with you a sample of an ad I might run to find a lease option tenant buyer using a property for sale in the MLS that I have explicit permission to market (from the listing agent).

Here’s just one example of a sample ad that I’ve run on CraigsList…

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