NC3 Scenario Variables

Yesterday I showed you the variables you can use related to Accounts on the Nomad Calculator 3™. With these variables you can modify things like account balance and rate of return on the Accounts in each Scenario.

Today, I’ve added the ability for people to create Rules for modifying any of these variables at different points in your Scenarios for the Scenario itself.

While there are not that many, there are a few variables (like the ones shown below) that you may want to modify while modeling your investment portfolio. Eventually, I do plan on making additional capabilities for the calculator to allow you to use scenario-wide values to modify Accounts and Houses. Features like what I’ve added today and what I plan to add in the future will continue to improve your ability to model your own real estate and stock investing portfolios holistically, plus it allows me to do even more sophisticated Monte Carlo simulations for the forthcoming videos, podcasts, blog posts, and books I am writing.

Here are the variables you can modify in Nomad Calculator 3™ for Scenarios.

Effective Income Tax Rate

This is your Effective Income Tax Rate for calculating how much tax you pay. If you enter in 19.4 you are saying you're paying 19.4% in income tax.

Inflation Rate

This is the rate of inflation for the entire Scenario. We use this to show what a dollar in the future is worth in today's dollars. We expect a value of 3.000 for 3% inflation rate.

Just like with the Houses and Accounts, it is important to realize that these are primarily input variables and not all the variables that we store based on the output from Scenarios.

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