New Sponsor On-boarding Process

IMPORTANT NOTE: This content is deprecated and will be removed shortly. It describes an old process for a service we are no longer offering to new folks.

Welcome! The following describes the on-boarding process for new Real Estate Agent and Lender Sponsors.

Originally, I had planned for this to be my own internal checklist for what to do to bring a new Sponsor onboard, but it occurred to me that many Sponsors would like to see what I actually want new Real Estate Agents and Lenders that work with my Nomad clients to know. So, this has become a hybrid of things I should do when someone new comes onboard and also sharing what I’d recommend people working with my Nomad clients should know.

Sponsor Content

There is additional content on this page that is shown to Sponsors only.

Sponsors are usually Real Estate Agents and Lenders who'd like to work with Nomads in their local market.

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