Nomad Investor Clubs

We are actively expanding and adding new Nomad Investor Clubs. If you're interested in starting one in your local market, please call or email James at (970) 225-6989 or

In the meantime, these are the 3 Nomad Investor Clubs that we have already.

And these are the cities we're likely to add next.

City, State Est. Population
New York, New York 8,550,405
Chicago, Illinois 2,720,546
Houston, Texas 2,296,224
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1,567,442
Phoenix, Arizona 1,563,025
San Antonio, Texas 1,469,845
San Diego, California 1,394,928
Dallas, Texas 1,300,092
San Jose, California 1,026,908
Austin, Texas 931,830

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