Premium Nomad Membership

The Nomad philosophy is largely about giving and abundance.

Before We Talk About Premium, What Do You Get For Free…

Nomads that have not upgraded to Premium Nomad have a Free Membership and the following benefits:

  • Can attend all 40+ of our different Tuesday evening live training classes for FREE
  • Can ask me, James Orr, questions about the Nomad real estate investing model on the Tuesday webinars for FREE
  • Can attend the local Thursday meetups to discuss these strategies, how to adapt them to your local market and network with other local Nomads and professionals for FREE
  • Read the Nomad with Lease Option Exit book for about 700+ different cities for FREE

Heck… most real estate investing clubs cost $100 to $200 a year and offer far less than what we give away for FREE.

OK… what do Premium Nomads get…

Some Nomads will recognize the effort and expense of preparing and giving 40+ unique and different classes a year, organizing meetups groups across the country, maintaining the official Nomad website with recordings of current and previous classes, checklists, calculators and much more.

These Nomads that recognize the effort—and are in a position financially to show their appreciation—will probably opt to upgrade to a Premium Nomad membership which grants them the following additional benefits for a year:

Beyond the extra stuff you get above as Premium Nomad, I also want you to know that you get my personal gratitude for your support of the Nomad real estate investing strategy. So, thank you!

We are also bringing on-line the following benefits (which are not yet ready—even if you see parts of them on the website as we test them):

  • Dynamic checklists for tracking a variety of tasks related to Nomad including your Nomad education, buying, leasing, managing properties and much more
  • Easy bookkeeping for your properties right from this website
  • Nomad Calculator and property portfolio tracking

Premium Nomad Investment

The television fix and flip guys/gals and real estate personalities come to town promising free real estate seminars that turn into $300 weekend classes that turn into $3,000 multi-day training that turn into $30,000 training, coaching and mentoring. That’s not the Nomad way.

We provide the same $30,000-level live training materials and encourage you to seek out local mentors and coaching by meeting local real estate professionals (ideally ones that are helping sponsor the Nomad meetup) via our free Meetups. Between the 40+ different classes each with live questions and answers by me and the local mentoring and coaching from real estate agents that share the Nomad philosophy of being a “go giver”, you shouldn’t have to pay anyone $30,000… or even $3,000 to learn the entire Nomad real estate investing model. Save that money for your actual investing!

That’s why, the investment for Premium Nomad is $497 for the year. I hope you find that fair.

Buy Now!

If you’d like to help support the Nomad cause and get a little something extra, consider upgrading to Nomad Premium. Thank you again, in advance, for your continued support.

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