Nomad Class Schedule

The following is the Nomad Investor Club class schedule. Attending the live class via webinar is free (click on the link to RSVP), but watching previously recorded classes requires a Premium Nomad membership.

IMPORTANT: Class dates and times are subject to change without notice.

How to Acquire a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio with just $3,000

In this class (which James has written a book on with a very similar title) James will walk you through the entire model of doing the Nomad model with a single one-time $3,000 up front down payment. He'll show you the detailed math behind parlaying your initial down payment into future down payments for additional Nomad properties. We will discuss using lease option exits to mitigate or, in some cases, completely eliminate capital expenses while improving cash flow. We will model cash flow, down payments, depreciation, appreciation and debt paydown plus much more. You'll walk away with a clear plan on how to acquire a multi-million dollar, cash flow portfolio of rental properties starting with just a single $3,000 down payment for markets that have starter homes priced around $300,000 or less.

Interest Rate Scenarios for Nomads

We typically model Nomad and assume that the interest rate remains the same for the entire 10 year period that we are acquiring properties. But what happens if our interest rates change over time? And, what is normal for interest rates anyway? Can we expect interest rates to stay the same or are they likely to change? We cover a variety of interest rate related questions and run interest rate scenarios on the Nomad model in this class.

Warning: The Dangers and Risks of Real Estate

Calls from tenants with clogged toilets at 2 AM and all sorts of problems and perils... what are the real dangers and risks of investing in real estate? We systematically and methodically go through every conceivable danger and risk of investing in real estate, look at what the worst case scenarios might be and come up with a plan to eliminate or, at least, mitigate those risks. While it is possible you could leave this class swearing off real estate investing for good, most leave the class with a clear understanding of the risks and dangers with clear plans to address those to keep the risks minimal. Prepare for the worst and have a plan!

Little Down Nomad Overview

Many real estate investors are interested in little or nothing down investing strategies. Many gravitate toward Nomad once they see the benefits that Nomad offers including the ability to acquire a large portfolio of rental properties with little or nothing down. This class goes over the Nomad strategy for real estate investors looking for a way to get involved investing in real estate with little or nothing down.

Building Wealth with Real Estate using Appreciation

“Isn’t Nomad just speculating on properties appreciating?” I hear that question all the time and the answer is: no. It is true that even a modest appreciation assumption in our modeling of Nomad makes the Nomad model look amazing, but this class goes beyond that and walks you through a variety of appreciation related topics. We discuss what appreciation has been historically both quantitatively and qualitatively. Is it likely to continue and at what pace? Plus, we show what Nomad looks like if we have no appreciation in either home price or rent and much more.

College Nomad Overview

Learn how to use the Nomad investing strategy to pay for college. In this class I cover both using it to save for your kids to go to college AND how recent college graduates can use it to pay for student loans to pay off college debt.

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