Nomad Class Schedule

The following is the Nomad Investor Club class schedule. Attending the live class via webinar is free (click on the link to RSVP), but watching previously recorded classes requires a Premium Nomad membership.

IMPORTANT: Class dates and times are subject to change without notice.

Bookkeeping and Accounting for Nomads

Leave your abacus at home for this special class on keeping track of your books for your rental properties. In this class we will be covering some of the best practices for keeping track of your income and expenses while doing the Nomad model. We will cover our recommendations for keeping your property files organized, up to date, and ready to send to your accountant (or for you to use yourself). This will prepare you for year-end tax prep and will position you to get the maximum tax benefits of owning rental properties as a Nomad.

Return on Investment and Return on Equity

In most classes and discussions about Nomad we focus on talking about what is the return on our initial–often very small–investment. In this class we go over what return on investment is, how it typically works over time and how it works when buying multiple properties as a Nomad, but we don’t stop there. We go on to talk about another important metric for Nomads: return on equity. What happens to your equity over time as you own multiple Nomad investment properties and what could (and probably should) you do about this phenomenon?

Topic To Be Determined

We keep this class open so that James has the flexibility to teach a class on a topic that is needed.

Legacy Nomad Overview

In this special Nomad class on leaving a legacy for your loved ones using real estate, I share information about doing Nomad and specifically about using Nomad to positively change the financial health of your family and friends. Unlike other Nomad models where we personally are moving into properties then converting them to rentals, with the Legacy Nomad investing model we are gifting money to our kids, grand kids and/or loved ones and having them move in to the properties as Nomads. It is a way for us to get money out of our estate early in a tax advantaged strategy that also educates and prepares them for managing multi-million dollar real estate portfolios while we are still here to assist them with acquiring that knowledge. This is the model I am doing with my own kids.

Emergency Plan Workshop

Boom! You’ve been hit by a bus! Is your business ready to be run by someone else in your temporary or permanent absence? In this workshop, you’ll leave with an emergency plan for someone to take over your real estate business. We will walk you through a series of exercises to document what you’d like your backup to know and do if you suddenly and unexpectedly are unable to run your real estate empire.

Analyzing Deals 301: Multi-Family for Nomads

For most Nomads you'll be focusing on single family homes, but for some special cases we recommend that Nomads buy duplexes, triplexes or fourplexes as their first properties. This class will review the criteria for those unusual situations and then we will use the spreadsheet to analyze multi-family properties.

Asset Protection 101: Overview for Nomads

In this class we will discuss the importance of asset protection and what one possible suggested plan for asset protection might be for your own personal Nomad real estate empire and why we suggest this setup.

Asset Protection 102: Document Examples

Once you’ve gone through the Asset Protection 101 class and understand the strategy we suggest and why, then this follow up class will walk you through some of the paperwork that you will want to have your attorney prepare, discuss and review to implement the strategies we suggested.

Young Professional Nomad Overview

Young Professional Nomads are usually recently graduated from college with professional careers and know that they want to work toward financial freedom. By utilizing the Nomad model they can invest a minimal amount of money and acquire a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio which will give them the passive cash flow they need to be able to choose to continue working or retire young and rich. This class goes over the Nomad model assuming you’re just out of college and talks about concepts like having roommates to live without a mortgage or accumulate down payments, tax rates and cash flow from depreciation, retiring early and much more.

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