Nomad Class Schedule

The following is the Nomad Investor Club class schedule. Attending the live class via webinar is free (click on the link to RSVP), but watching previously recorded classes requires a Premium Nomad membership.

IMPORTANT: Class dates and times are subject to change without notice.

Seller's Property Disclosure Case Studies

What do sellers typically disclose to buyers when selling a property? What might you expect to see on a typical seller’s property disclosure on a home you’re buying? Join us for a special class where we look at some unusual and rare seller property disclosures and some of the more common varieties as we look through a handful of actual seller property disclosures as case studies.

Negotiating Win-Win Inspections for Maximum Benefit

So you've had your home inspector go out and inspect the property and you've found some things that you did not know about when you wrote your offer. Now it is time to negotiate the items you found on your inspection. How do you negotiate a win-win inspection, but still get the maximum benefit? In this class we'll go over the inspection objection and inspection resolution process in detail and discuss some of the best strategies when negotiating win-win inspections.

Closing Real Estate Deals

You’ve made an offer, got it accepted, managed to negotiate a win-win solution to your inspection and have navigated your way successfully to get your loan… are you ready to close on your purchase? In this class we will cover what is involved with closing a real estate purchase and what to expect at closing itself. Be prepared to close by learning about it in this class first.

Catch Up Nomad Overview

You wake up one morning at age 40-50 and realize that you don’t quite have enough saved for retirement. What do you do? The Nomad investing model can help you get caught up. We cover this model and special considerations for Catch Up Nomads in this special class. Learn about the Nomad model in general as we teach it based on a person catching up for retirement. Plus, we will share some strategies for speeding up Nomad, including paying off properties early to improve cash flow, which many catch up nomads prefer.

Analyzing a Deal with Brian's Spreadsheet

“Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand." - Confucius, circa 450 BC

Join us as we walk through analyzing a deal using Brian's spreadsheet. We will take you step-by-step through the deal analysis process for Nomads. We will cover what each of the input fields on the spreadsheet means and what we recommend using as we analyze properties for Nomad. We will show you which calculations we primarily look at to make investment property purchasing decisions and specifically what to look for with Nomad properties. This class goes from nodding and bobbing as I explain how to analyze a deal to actually doing it yourself. Plus, much, much more.

RECOMMENDED: It is recommended that you download a copy of Brian's spreadsheet ahead of time and make sure you have Excel installed on your computer before attending this class.Bring a fully charged laptop with you to this class with the spreadsheet downloaded and Excel installed.

There are only a couple electric outlets in the room and not enough for everyone to charge their laptops so please charge your laptop ahead of time.

Cap Ex: The Silent Killer

Roofs, furnaces, kitchen and bathroom remodels... oh my! Making capital improvements to properties can be expensive. In this special class we will go over in detail what capital expenses (cap ex) are, how we calculate for them in the spreadsheet and strategies to mitigate cap ex or eliminate it completely with variations to the Nomad model.

Nomad with Lease Option Exit Overview

A variation to the plain vanilla Nomad model is to convert your properties to lease options. This means having tenant buyers rent the property with the intent to buy it from you instead of converting them to straight rentals. There are many benefits of this model and some significant downsides to consider. We cover them in detail in this class plus much, much more.

Analyzing Deals 201: Selling with Lease Option

Analyzing Nomad purchases (and exits) is different when considering a lease option. This is the class where we cover the differences between buying houses using the traditional Nomad model and buying when you're going to use a lease option exit. You'll leave this class with a better understanding of lease options and how to analyze a lease option exit using the spreadsheet.

Marketing for Tenants

We strongly recommend that you start marketing for tenants to find your next tenant or tenant buyer at least 60 days prior to moving out if it is your Nomad owner occupant property or before your current tenant's lease is set to expire. This class covers in step-by-step detail the entire process for marketing for your tenants. You'll learn about what to include in your ads, where to post ads and much more.

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