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Information you requested…
“How to Work with Fewer Clients Who Buy More Houses
While I Do The Heavy Lifting For You…”

Discover Your Opportunity
For A Better Life In The
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  • Stop worrying about where your next sale is coming from
  • Stop cutting your commission
  • Stop holding open houses
  • Stop prospecting
  • Stop wasting time with pretend buyers
  • Lock in consistent, predictable streams of commission checks
  • Start serving clients at a higher level
  • Start allowing me to do the heavy lifting for you
  • Take back control over your clients, your time and enjoy life
  • Be the envy of every other real estate agent in your market

Only one real estate professional in each city will have this opportunity.

Dear Fellow Real Estate Professional,

Below, I’ll show you exactly how you can have the same system that I built—after investing thousands of dollars and thousands of hours—set up and put to work for you, done for you, to dramatically change your immediate commission income and future banked commission income (and the way that you make it) for the better.

2012-06-28-19-59-48My name is James Orr. I am a 41-year-old REALTOR® in Northern Colorado. I have two college age sons, a wife and a dog that I love to spend time with (photo to the right). As a real estate broker, I own a two person real estate brokerage called James Orr Real Estate Services LLC. It is not what anyone would ever consider a traditional real estate office. My company is just me and my wife who is a licensed real estate assistant. However, you don’t need an assistant to do what I do.

When I first got into real estate, I lived through the traditional feast and famine cycles that many sales professionals suffer through. I studied and tried just about every real estate book, course and seminar out there searching for a solution. Maybe you’ve studied some of the same material by Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Craig Proctor, Brian Buffini, Ninja Selling, Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Mike Ferry, Tony Robbins and many more. Sure, each one taught me something, but it wasn’t until mid-2015 that I discovered the strategy that helped my sales almost double this year (commission checks as proof below).

Now, I traded in chasing down clients like a madman herding cats and the self-inflicted torture of prospecting to serving clients at such a high level that they seek me out to work with me. I spend most of my time on my passion of creating tools, writing and teaching classes. I probably spend 2 or 3 days a week actually brokering properties for clients. While I still show houses, it is almost exclusively to serious buyers that either have or are planning to buy multiple homes from me. I rarely list homes, except for clients I’m especially fond of and usually only after they’ve convinced me they shouldn’t keep the property as a rental. My clients are almost exclusively actively working on acquiring multi-million dollar real estate portfolios and I now consider many of them my best friends—how bad is it to have 50 or more multi-millionaire friends with tons of free time to travel and enjoy life as clients? I don’t have to answer every call at inconvenient times or instantly return voicemail for fear a client will call another real estate agent they know.

This year, I have averaged 4 commissions per month with an average commission of $8,402 which is about $33,000 a month of commission income. I am in the top 1% of buyer’s agents in Northern Colorado. Of course, there are a lot of real estate agents in our business that make more money than I do carrying 50 to 75 listings. However, many listings sit stagnant on the market while they maintain them, wasting valuable time and money marketing these “albatross” listings. Only 4 of my commissions where listings and I don’t kill myself working with my kind of clients.

I took 3 vacations this year (which I felt bamboozled into taking by my wife and family): two international trips to tropical paradises with my wife and a third to spend quality one-on-one time with my son (which I actually did enjoy).

Over the last year, 27 sales in my brokerage business were effortlessly teed up for me through my exclusive group of real estate investors.

Members of my group of investors are voluntarily “locked in” to me, and I am able to HELP THESE MEMBERS BUY HOME AFTER HOME FOR A CONSISTENT, RELIABLE STREAM OF INCOME.

Call it a personality flaw, but I hate prospecting and won’t do it. Forget about cold calling or door knocking; not my thing and never was. The idea of having to convert leads into appointments using some high pressure phone “sales script” makes me physically sick to my stomach. In fact, I’m somewhat phone averse… I strongly prefer email and many of my clients know this and go out of their way to accommodate my quirks (more on this later).

I know, as soon as you hear “doing business with real estate investors”, you want to run away screaming in horror. Wait! These are not those types of real estate investors.

  • This is NOT about helping investors find stinky “dumps-of-a-home” that need to be fixed up for profit. Been there, done that, not fun.
  • This is not about showing 100 homes and writing 90 low-ball offers at 70 cents on the dollar. Many of my clients this year happily paid ABOVE ASKING PRICE to buy their homes.
  • This isn’t about showing crummy beat up multi-family homes with crooked floors that you need to take a shower immediately after showing them.
  • This isn’t about finding that rare-gem of a properties where you can immediately add value in some special way.
  • This isn’t about finding the distressed, motivated seller that needs to be willing to accept your buyer’s creative financing terms.

I don’t encourage any of my clients to do any of that nonsense! I help my real estate investor members of my group buy pretty, single family homes in great areas of town. Once my members own these pretty homes (usually after a year—more on that in a bit), they use my system to either rent the property to nice folks like you and me or to sell them to a tenant buyer. When the tenant buyer purchases the home from my investor members, my investors use their sales proceeds to purchase more single family homes. Many clients start buying one home per year, but can ultimately end up buying several each year from me. I have, with my client’s best interest in mind, engineered in multiple future sales when their investment properties sell to their tenant buyers. In fact, each sale for me today, can be expected to generate at least two sales for me in the future with the same client.

My members respect my time and advice, call me on holidays, show up for my birthday parties with gifts and I sincerely consider most of them amazing friends that I only met because they became my client. I have more quirky behaviors than most and they tolerate an unfathomable amount of oddness from me… and from what I can tell, they’re happy to do so.

You can “replicate” EVERYTHING that I do, make as much—or a lot more if you choose—and have the same “LOCKED IN”, AUTOMATIC, RELIABLE STREAM OF SALES that I enjoy. In fact, I’ll do a good deal of the “work” for you since I’m already doing it for my clients in Northern Colorado (more on that in a bit).

It is hard to believe but 100% true…

A real estate investor “Recruiting and Retention System” that has investors asking to become your client so they can buy homes with you and access your special tools and training resources. These investors are contacting you, eager to do business with you and hoping that you accept them as a client.

I’ve become so popular that we’ve implemented a waiting list for some of the special classes that our investors wanted to attend to get help with their real estate investing. Each month, we get a number of new people joining our group, attend one of our meetings and want to become a client. Now, understand that this isn’t just a lead. These folks show up to get more information about our special investing strategy (that I will actually teach for YOU to YOUR clients in YOUR market … more on that in a bit) and if they think it is a good fit, ask if they can become your client.

Remember, these are not just tire kicking leads from Zillow that have contacted 6 other real estate agents at the same time. These are buyers that are interested in buying multiple properties with you over period of time often with the goal of acquiring a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio of rental properties. And they’re chasing us to work with us and our specialized program to help them buy multiple properties. Here’s a chart showing the number of new members joining our group; each bar is the number of people that joined that month.


Over the last month as I write this in November, 2016, we had about 27 new members join our group and find out about working with us to acquire a multi-million dollar property portfolio. Compare this to 27 listing appointments. First off, how easy is it to go on 27 listing appointments in one month and keep your sanity? But what if you could? If you could convert 50% of your listing appointments to listings taken, you’d have around 13 projects—I mean listings. Now you have to do all that work… lockboxes, MLS data entry, disclosure preparation, photos, virtual tours, yard signs, flyers and flyer boxes, single page websites, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and open houses. That sounds like a nightmare to me compared to what I do in my business; I don’t deal with any of that nonsense.

Instead of 27 listing appointments, I tell everyone to show up at the local Board of Realtors education room at 6 PM on Wednesday night (the classes I will do for you—so you don’t even need to teach them yourself—will be on Thursday nights) and I make a single presentation to the entire room, all at one time. If they’re interested, great… we sit down over a burrito at my favorite burrito place that I’ve eaten at, on average, 6 days a week since 2000 (I told you I have some serious quirks) to make sure I want them as a client and that they’re qualified to work with me. I even have a special web page set up that I email them to schedule the meeting with me at the burrito place.

Here are two photos from classes I’ve done for our members at our local Board of Realtors… one with a full house and one with a very small crowd of 3 people. We see groups of varying sizes depending on the class topic and night.



A large percentage of the new real estate agents quit the business within the first year. Plus, there are a ton of agents that maintain their real estate licenses but don’t really sell any homes. What causes someone to “wash out” as a real estate agent and quit the business?

I know… I was almost one of them. Real estate agents that don’t have systems like mine get tired, frustrated, beat-down and most of them are NOT MAKING ANY MONEY. According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“The median annual wage for real estate sales agents was $43,370 in May 2015. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $21,780, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $110,560.

That means that half of all real estate agents earn less than $43,370 per year GROSS before expenses.

Furthermore, the National Association of Realtors in the 2016 Member Profile claimed that agents with less than two years experience had a median gross income of $8,500. That means that half of all real estate agents with less than 2 years experience earned less than $8,500 total, gross income (that’s before expenses).


I believe that a large number of real estate agents start from scratch each month… living hand to mouth, commission check to commission check… in a constant state of fear and always worrying about where the next sale is going to come from. Hoping and praying that your listing sells or that your one buyer doesn’t find a nice FSBO and cut you out of the deal should not be the norm. Unfortunately, for many agents, I think it is.

In my area (probably like yours), many real estate agents work for free. Either they take over-priced listings that don’t sell or they show houses to buyers that aren’t ready to buy. If you’re playing this game, you’re going to kill yourself. You spend your time advertising and promoting over-priced homes or driving around unqualified, unmotivated buyers and in both cases you’re not getting paid. I’ve been there before myself… spending my evenings and weekends marketing and showing houses only to lose the sale when the listing didn’t sell or the buyer did not buy. This was extremely painful for me both in lost income and time.

Without a consistent, predictable stream of sales magnetically attracted to you like iron filings to a magnet, you DO NOT have a business. You have an unpredictable, unreliable sales job with no certainty and no guarantee of a paycheck—it is the absolute worst kind of job there is!

If you’re ready for a solution and you’d rather avoid or eliminate the frustration and burn-out that results in many new real estate agents leaving the business and keeps many of the remaining real estate agents in a constant state of fear and uncertainty, there’s a very simple solution:

You must get off the feast and famine roller coaster.

That means you must go from suffering in agony, cowering in fear, and desperately trying to shake the scent of desperation from your clothes and replace it with the certainty of knowing that you bring immense value to your client’s lives.

Take back control over your time and your life.

Perhaps your wife isn’t bamboozling you into going on multiple tropical, international trips each year… maybe you actually want to go. Really, it is about the things that you want: your travel dreams, guilt-free time to spend with family, friends and hobbies. Whatever it is that allows you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Most real estate agents I know live in a constant state of fear. They work sevens days a week, mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends. When a client emails, calls or texts… they must answer immediately lest that client call another real estate agent and all the work with that client to that point is lost. Never turning off and never setting healthy boundaries with clients. If buyers want to see a property, you go. Never mind the ball game, school play, birthday party, wedding anniversary or, heaven forbid, a simple afternoon nap.

Many real estate agents believe that’s just the way the real estate business works, but they’re wrong and I’ll prove it.

Is it possible to make some small changes to your business to work more, or exclusively, with a special type of real estate investor client?

  • Clients that respect and appreciate the special value that you bring.
  • Clients that won’t just call the next real estate agent if you don’t call them back within 15 minutes.
  • Clients that will happily work on your terms.
  • Clients that can buy properties with normal jobs and, in many cases, just 5% down payments.
  • Clients that earn you excellent commission income today with certainty and clients that bring you peace in knowing that you have additional banked transactions just waiting for you in the future.
  • Clients that will allow (and even encourage you) to take time for yourself, for your family, for your friends and for your hobbies.
  • Clients where you can avoid competing with run-of-the-mill real estate agents for listings.
  • Clients that don’t think all real estate agents are commoditized house showing, order taking robots.

Is it possible to make this dream a reality and work with these types of clients?

In a word: yes!


I call these clients Nomads because they are special types of real estate investors that:

  • Can buy pretty houses in nice neighborhoods
  • At or very close to retail price (sometimes even above retail for the right property)
  • Often with little or no down payment
  • With very traditional, easy to find and use loan programs (like 5% down owner occupant conventional financing)
  • Financing that allows them to buy a home, move in and live there for a year as an owner occupant
  • Then, after living there for a year, convert it to a rental and buy their next Nomad home to move into
  • And repeat the process until they own the number of rental properties they’d like to own (most talk about owning 10 or more)

Obviosuly, there’s a lot more to this special Nomad investing strategy which is covered in detail in the 40+ classes per year that I will teach for you, to your prospects and clients, in your market so you can help them and earn commissions. But, let me just add one thing: they’re the best clients you’ll ever find (more on that in a bit).

Below, I’ve shared with you confidential information about commission checks I’ve earned in 2016 from working with these kind of dream clients. The checks total $354,675.50 and I’ve got 3 more closings scheduled before the end of the year.











































You see… only 4 of the transactions above were from clients that did NOT either do more than one transaction with me or plan to do several more transactions with me based on the specific investing strategies I teach them.

One of the biggest mistakes real estate agents make is putting in the effort to find one-off clients… buyers or sellers that are going to do one, maybe two deals with you every 5-10 years. The National Association of Realtors just came out with their numbers for 2016 showing that normal Sellers are staying in their homes for 10 years on average. That means even if you got the buy side and the sell side, that’s still only averaging one transaction every 5 years if they’re now taking, on average, 10 years before they sell and move.

If you’re focused on working with these types of clients, you’re opting into mining for business with the equivalent of low grade ore. Ore that will produce just one commission every 5 years on average. Compare that to the specific real estate investing strategy that I teach (and I will teach for you to your prospects and clients in your market for you) where, with the most basic plan, our clients will be buying a new home every year and converting the previous to a rental. Now, over a 10 year period we’ve helped them buy 10 homes… not 2. That’s 500% better for us as real estate agents and an order of magnitude (10 times better) for your clients since they now own 10 properties instead of just 1 (after they sold one and bought a replacement).

Doesn’t it make sense that if you’re going to spend any time (and/or money) on attracting a specific type of client to you, that you should really focus on clients that represent multiple commissions?

In Northern Colorado, even though we have 300 days of sunshine a year, we still have seasonality for most real estate agents. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas and into the New Year, there are fewer real estate transactions happening then during the spring, summer and fall months. Real estate investors though understand that some of the best deals happen in the winter when fewer buyers are looking and sellers tend to be a little more motivated. I regularly teach my clients that the slower real estate markets in general and winter months specifically are some of the best times to buy. Consequently, as my checks above show I still make quite a few sales while other agents are in hibernation, cutting costs and trying to survive on sales from last summer to get to spring.

Our market, like many other real estate markets, is seeing downward pressure on commissions. I have clients voluntarily pay my brokerage firm an additional fee to make up the difference if a broker is offering less.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have 653 real estate investors as members of a little group I run in my city of about 158,600 population (Fort Collins in 2015). The number of members grows each month without me doing anything (and I’ll be setting one of these little groups up for you). These members view me as a valuable member of their real estate acquisition team, an expert with specialized knowledge that provides far more in value than just opening doors to houses, filling in blanks on standardized contracts and cashing commission checks. I’m a busy professional that can be trusted and relied on to help them acquire multi-million dollar real estate portfolios and retire young and rich.

Here’s a chart showing the number of members we have in our group which I’ll help you set up in your market to replicate what I’m doing… and I’ll even teach the classes for you.


In my group, while we have 653 members, only about 150 are “active” coming to class in any given month… and it is not the same 150 each month. We see people come for a class, skip for a few months then show up again, come to another few classes, then skip. Some of our classes are small with just a few people in attendance; some are so popular we don’t have enough seats and need to form a waiting list for attending that class. Even the small classes are worth doing though. I just closed a transaction with a client that I met in a class of 3 people; he’s a super sharp young engineer and he’ll probably buy at least 10 properties from me using the specific investing strategy I teach.

Running a group like this is like having one of those old school water pumps. At first you need to prime the pump a little and then pump like crazy, but once the water is flowing you can slow down and just pump at a slow, steady pace to have tons of crisp, refreshing, cold water pour out. What’s interesting about the pump analogy is that it will be me doing most of the pumping… I’ll set up the group for you, I’ll teach the classes for you… you’ll just need to stand nearby with a bucket and catch the water—rather the real estate investor buyers that want to buy homes with you. Sure, you need to show up to the meetings to meet and talk with your clients, but as I mentioned above… I’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Why would these real estate investors join a club with a real estate agent and attend these classes?

Because the classes are amazing, super helpful and immensely valuable. If you haven’t been around the crazy real estate investing world… let me enlighten you how it works… some of the big players in the “get rich in real estate” world use the following model (I’ll tell you how we’re vastly different next):

  • They put on a FREE seminar which is really just a sales pitch into their $300 weekend seminar. They market it using a famous national author or real estate related reality television star from a cable channel.
  • If you go to the $300 weekend seminar, they teach you some stuff, but it is largely a sales pitch into their $3,000 advanced weekend seminar.
  • If you go to the $3,000 advanced seminar, they teach you some more stuff, but it is largely a sales pitch into their $30,000 super advanced training program.
  • And if you do that, they sell you into their even more expensive coaching program.

We don’t do that crap!

Instead we give our folks that same stuff they’d get in a $30,000 super advanced training program for free and, in the nicest sense of the phrase, “good guilt” them into working with us to buy houses instead of signing up for an expensive coaching program. In other words, we tell them to save the $30,000 they’d spend on the training… we’ll train them for free… and if they like what they hear, we let them know we’d be happy to “coach” them as their real estate agent on how to buy in our market. They could use the $30,000 they didn’t spend on training as their down payment. In fact, we show them how to do it with a lot less than $30,000. In my market with a median home price in the $300K to $400K range, we show them how to do it with between $3,000 to $15,000. And sometimes if they’re willing and able to do a VA loan or USDA loan that would be nothing down. You see our model teaches them how to become an investor with properties they move into as owner occupants. Sure they can buy properties as investments and not move in, but a big part of what we teach is how acquire rental properties by buying a property, moving in for a year, then converting that previous property to a rental.

I get tons of clients after they’ve been through the wringer with the “get rich in real estate” folks and my clients universally tell me, “I wish I had found you first.” They become walking testimonials for me and the classes we teach telling others just how amazing the stuff we’re providing is, how it is at least as good if not better than the stuff they paid tens of thousands of dollars for. This is why I can wear what I want, set some healthy professional boundaries with reasonable expectations for answering calls and emails, take an afternoon nap without worrying a client is going to go with another real estate agent and have truly amazing relationships with my clients over a long period of time. Because I bring MASSIVE VALUE to their lives, truly care about them and want them to acquire multi-million dollar portfolios of rental properties using small amounts of money.

And I can help you be that real estate agent for your clients in your market.

In my local market, our real estate investor meetings are free and open to the anyone that wants to register and attend (provided there are seats for that particular class). They show up and we don’t hold anything back… we teach to the room as if everyone was a client and we’re giving them our very, very best on that topic.

The typical presentation is about an hour to 90 minutes of meaty, real content and there is no upsell or pitch to buy a product or a course or coaching program in the weekl;y meetings—EVER! We don’t let guest speakers (a euphemism in our industry for someone who will give an hour long talk and pitch a product or service for hundreds or thousands of dollars at the end) in to teach at our meetings EVER either.

We just consistently provide amazing value, week in and week out teaching about 40 DIFFERENT classes a year… not the same class 40 times… 40 classes on 40 different topics from asset protection, to buying properties from financing to property management and we go into detail… a lot of detail.

For example, I just taught a 90 minute class last night on the Seller’s Property Disclosure… the form that the seller fills out to disclose what they know about the property. Yes… that’s a 90 minute class on a single document and I went to freaky town. We had 31 people attend and our members loved it. People left excited and ready to buy more property. We had a lot of clients that have bought houses with me already, some that are actively under contract to buy something with me now, some that have attended classes but are not (yet) my client and probably 3 or 4 people that have never been to a class before.

I teach all of people that showed up as if they were my best clients and give them the very best advice I would to my best friend client… who also happened to be there and would call me out (in front of class no less) if I didn’t give out my best stuff. But, he won’t have to call me out, because that’s just me… I give my best stuff and let people sift and sort themselves to become clients. Some will become clients, some won’t, but I keep showing up to teach classes to existing clients and new potential clients alike and I’ll do it for you too.

Here is a photo of me teaching a real estate class at Colorado State University and another teaching a class to other real estate agents in our market on working with investors.



Two things I’ll mention about those photos. First, this is how I dress for everyone. And second, I guess I “talk” with my hands a lot.

I’d like you to consider this:

How much better would you feel waking up tomorrow with a group of 100, 200, 300 or more real estate investors knowing you’re there to provide them with world-class educational classes and there to assist them for acquiring multiple income properties?

How different might you feel knowing you have a growing stream of transactions queuing up each month?

How much easier would your business life be—compared to the other real estate agents in town—knowing your days of manual prospecting were over, you could attend birthday or Christmas parties knowing that you don’t need to “be on” and ready to try to wrestle down another client because you were desperate for your next commission?

How certain would you feel knowing that you are adding massive value to the world by helping people who are interested in investing in real estate, learn and implement the very best strategies and that they’ll love you and compensate you well with commissions as you help them?

Let’s make this happen for you, right now.

What took me 13 years of trial and error to learn to do, I can make happen for you in just two months. I first started to teach classes to real estate investors back in 2003 when I was heavily investing in real estate myself. It wasn’t until last year in 2015 that I cracked the code with the specific investing strategy and format of the classes that allowed my business to almost double. Now, my business is a system that has been built, tested and a proven model ready for you to use.

The basics of the whole system can be taught to you in less than a day—partially because I don’t have to transfer 13 years of knowledge garnered teaching hundreds of real estate investor classes to you. You don’t need to learn those lessons since I’ll be teaching the classes for you and your real estate investors. I only need to teach you the basics of the real estate investing strategy and how I attract and work with clients from the classes. Of course, this assumes you’re a great real estate agent that knows how to do your job of advising clients, showing houses, writing contracts and assisting your clients from contract through closing. If you can do that, the classes I’ll teach to your real estate investors and the system itself can do the rest for you. Within 6 months you’ll see a complete paradigm shift in how you operate your business because you’ll see, first hand, with certainty how it can be a consistent stream of new, multiple purchase buyer business for you.

This won’t take you years to learn. You won’t have to enroll in any week-long bootcamps to get up and running. You don’t need a library full of training materials to wade through to figure it out. It is simple… you show up for a class just about every week, you welcome everyone, I teach the class, you mingle and answer questions at the end. Clients bubble up to the surface and you help them buy multi-million dollar income producing real estate portfolios—often using little or no down payment although some will choose to just put 20-25% down and not move in to take advantage of the special owner occupant financing strategies. Since these are homes that are nice enough for our clients to move into, they’re typically not the cheapest, nastiest houses you can find… they’re typically solid, bread and butter homes in the second quartile of home prices (priced above the cheapest 25% of homes but also priced below the median price in your market). You’ll be able to just copy what I currently do; it is both SIMPLE and EASY.

Someone needs to work hard for you to make a good living, but it don’t have to be you doing the hard work.

Most of us have been told since we were kids that you need to work hard to make a good living. What most of us were not told is that it does not need to be you that does that majority of the hard work… sometimes you can easily and inexpensively buy the work someone else has already done. In a moment, I’m going to share with you what you’d need to do to replicate what I’ll provide to you for a fraction of the cost. I’ll do that by explaining what I actually do in my market right now so you can see what it would take to do it yourself.

The last week, I gave two presentations I’ve never given before. One was on the Seller’s Property Disclosure and the other was on the Closing. The Seller’s Property Disclosure presentation was 46 slides long and—including introductions at the beginning of class of the 31 people that attended and a few questions at the end—took about an hour and 40 minutes to present. The class on closing was 55 slides and took about an hour and 53 minutes to present. When I do this for you, your real estate investor will show up at a conference or meeting room (probably at your real estate office, your lender’s conference room, a title company training room, your local Board of Realtors training room or a community conference room at a local bank or through your city). The conference room needs to have the ability to hook up a computer to a presentation screen and connect to the internet so you can stream a webinar.

As people come in to the meeting (usually around 6 PM), you’ll check them in (and I’ll give you the specific process we use for check-in that has a huge, positive impact) and welcome them to the class. There is some time for networking and introductions before I starting teaching the class at 6:30. I usually teach for about an hour to an hour and a half. During my presentation I am occasionally sharing with them why they should work with you… you have special local market knowledge, understand this investing strategy (which you will since you’re coming to all the classes), can give them free access to previous recordings of the classes (more on this in a bit), give them access to special checklists, tools and calculators and get some other special client perks (more on this in a bit too). Then, after the class you’ll encourage people to stick around for the “class after the class” for networking and to answer questions usually about your local market and people’s specific plans to invest in real estate. This is typically where the magic happens. I just taught them some amazing stuff and their excited about investing in real estate; you’re there to help them implement and achieve their goals.

Showing up for the class and meeting new and existing clients is the fun, easy part. What you don’t see is the work that’s involved in getting to that point… the work, I’m already doing for my local clients and that I’m willing to do for you.

To create a 40 to 60 slide Power Point presentation each week is non-trivial. It helps that I’ve been teaching classes on real estate investing since 2003 so I have a lot of my own material that I can pull from. From time to time, I am creating a completely 100% new presentation like the 157 slide monstrosity, “How to Acquire a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio with Just $3,000” presentation. That presentation, incidentally, has since become a full 184 page book that I’ll talk about shortly since it benefits you as well. That presentation took weeks to create because it has probably 100 different charts and is extremely heavily researched and based on the math of buying a lot of properties.

For most 40 to 60 slide presentations, it is taking me between 4 and 8 hours to create. Plus, a little bit of prep time to practice the presentation so I’m ready to present it. Even if it took you the same amount of time, would spending a full day each week in prep time and an evening a week to teach a class be worth it to generate the commission checks above for the year. The fact that I am doing it should tell you that my answer is a resounding yes. It is totally worthwhile. But…

..if someone came to me and said, “James, I’ll tell you what…

  • “I am just as good of a presenter as you are and…”
  • “I have the same or better level of knowledge of this specific investing strategy and…”
  • “I’ve read hundreds of real estate books (investing and brokerage), listened to dozens of real estate courses, attended numerous live seminars on real estate and…”
  • “I’ve taken hundreds of hours and written special software that will allow me to make charts and analyze this investment for these presentations and…”
  • “I have a track record of showing up every week and doing these types of classes, consistently whether I’m feeling sick or not for over 13 years and…”
  • “You know it is actually better for me to ‘toot YOUR horn’ than for you to ‘toot your OWN horn’ when you present and…”
  • “I’ll voluntarily connect with hundreds of other real estate agents working with these types of investors from around the country so we can share best practices and the best ideas and…”
  • “I’ll pay the webinar software to do the presentations for you and…”
  • “I’ll work for less than minimum wage and…”

“…how about I just teach the classes for you to your members and clients and you keep all the commissions?”

If someone said that me, I’d be bracing myself thinking someone was about dig deep into my wallet and hesitantly asking… “so, exactly how much will this cost me?” My fear being that it would cost me thousands of dollars per month.

I mean if someone with that level of experience and expertise was going to spend a full day almost every week putting together a presentation and then making a presentation, even a $50,000 a year person making $1,000 a week would be $200 for the day of prep and another $50 for the actual presentation. That would be almost $250 a week or about $1,000 a month.

If you had me do it in person and I had to travel to you (which you may have sensed from earlier when I mentioned the tropical, international vacations I was bamboozled into taking with my wife… traveling is NOT my favorite thing), you’d need to add in travel and lodging costs. Those alone could be $300 to $600 for airfare, at least one night in a hotel for $100 or so plus food and incidentals… you’re easily pushing $500 per week additional for travel.

Even with those crazy numbers, I know lots of business people that would without hesitation, happily pay $3,000 a month in expenses to earn the commission checks I’ve shown you above. Would I personally invest $36,000 per year ($3,000 per month times 12 months) to earn over $360K in commissions (checks shown above)… that’s a 1,000% return on your investment for the year: uh… YES! No brainer! The good news is you won’t have to.

As I mentioned at the start above…

Only one real estate professional in each city will have this opportunity.

Here’s what I’m offering to one real estate agent (and one lender) per city. Once someone takes the city, another real estate agent cannot take that same city; you’ll see why in a moment.

  • Sponsorship of Local Chapter of Nomad Investor Club Meetup Website
  • Two Tickets to Nomad Boot Camp
  • Two Tickets to Real Estate Agent/Lender Boot Camp Bonus Training Day
  • Coupons to Grant Access to Recordings of Past Classes To Your Clients
  • Premium Nomad Access for yourself
  • Sponsorship of new Book
  • Webinars for Your Members and Clients
  • Plus much more…

Let’s take a look at these in more detail…

Sponsorship of Local Chapter of Nomad Investor Club Meetup Website

As part of the on-boarding process within the first 30 days, I will set up for you a meetup website for your city (if I don’t have one already built). I will populate it with the 40+ classes that we’re scheduled to teach this year including descriptions of the classes.

I’ll need to know the address of where you’ll be holding the meetings so I can do that at the same time. Remember, this is probably a conference room that has a computer with a presentation screen at your real estate office, lender’s office, title company education room, local Board of Realtor’s meeting room, bank community room or city meeting space. A small conference room is a perfect size to start and if you need to move to a larger venue later, you can do that.

If I had the patience to sit down and do the entire setup in one sitting, I estimate setting up the Meetup website for your city to be similar to the one I use personally would take about 10 hours.

I pay for the meetup website; it costs $180 per year. You are listed as a meeting co-organizer and sponsor. If you have a lender that you prefer to work with, let me and we can have them sponsor the city with you; otherwise, we will find a lender to be a sponsor too.

Nomad Boot Camp

Later in 2017, I will be holding our first ever immersive “boot camp” in-person for your Nomad members and clients (probably in Fort Collins, CO in the fall). Essentially, I’ll be taking the 40+ classes that we taught throughout the year and teach two days of my best stuff all in a row and maybe cover a few additional topics.

I’ll tell everyone this: folks do NOT need to attend… they can get ALL the info directly from the weekly classes. As I mentioned before… I don’t hold stuff back when I teach and upsell you into something more expensive later.

However, there are some people that will want to travel to Fort Collins (whether I am teaching a class or not) and there are some people that will want to do immersion training. They’ll prefer to sit in a room and have me entertain them for 2 days while I teach them the entire set of classes all at once.

This will be an option for those that want to do that.

I also plan to record it. Some people would prefer to watch 16+ hours of training from one continuous training event rather than 40+ separate hour to 90 minute training videos because there is continuity in the presentation.

Not sure how much I’ll charge Nomads to be able to attend this special class; maybe $300 to $500.

As a founding sponsor, you will be able to attend this boot camp for Nomads free if you’d like. Or, you’ll be able to watch the recording of it free once I’ve recorded it.

Real Estate Agent/Lender Boot Camp Bonus Training Day

I will also be adding a third day just prior to the “boot camp” for the Nomads specifically for real estate agent and lender sponsors on all the best strategies from around the country on how to work less, earn more and help more Nomads.

I honestly do not know right now what I would charge for the sponsor training day if I were to charge for it separately, but I suspect it would be easily worth at least an extra commission or two for you each year.

As a founding sponsor, you will be able to attend this special bonus training day for free if you’d like. Or, watch the recording when its done.

Recordings of Past Classes

Technology willing, I record all the classes I teach.

One of the tools I personally use to help persuade members who attend the classes to upgrade themselves to become clients are the class recordings.

Attending the live classes are free; that’s partly how we get to meet new potential clients. However, only clients working with me to buy (or sell) a home get access to recordings of previous classes for free.

Imagine you’re a new real estate investor and you just discover the classes that a real estate agent in your local real estate market is offering. The classes are free and filled with freaking amazing content that is exactly what you need to achieve your goals of acquiring a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio with minimal cash out of pocket…BUT… you entered the class schedule in June… midway through the series and you missed a ton of stuff at the beginning… stuff that won’t be taught again until the beginning of next year because each class is different.

You know the classes are awesome, but you also know that you missed some amazing stuff… stuff you probably should know. You’d want to be able to go back and learn the stuff from earlier in the year. And, if you happen to miss a class in the future, you want to be able to watch the video of those classes too.

Of course, you could pay the $468 per year that I’d charge you to get access to the recordings of the Nomad training I do, but just like I do with my own local real estate investor clients… the local real estate agent tells them that their clients get FREE access to the recordings and other training materials.

Switching back to you being the real estate agent now, I do this soft selling automatically for you during the classes I teach. Here’s how: inevitably during the presentations I am forced to reference training we’ve done during other classes. As one example, when I teach a class on closing, we mention that they should be marketing to find tenants and tell people to go watch the recording of that presentation that we did for the 90 minute version of that. This happens quite a bit because the topics we teach are content-rich and real estate investors and clients realize we’re not about to teach for 6 hours each night. When I’m teaching the classes for you, I’ll tell your members who are not yet your clients that they should be your client and they can get free access to the training materials. I’ll remind those that are already your clients how much value you bring to them for free. It is all part of the value YOU offer and deliver to your clients… just like I do in my market.

I normally charge $468 to get Premium Nomad access to all the prior class recordings, the Nomad Investor Calculator and a bunch of other resources on this very website. As a founding sponsor, you will get coupon codes to provide to your clients (not just any body that attends… only those that are working with you). Each coupon code grants one of your clients a year of Premium Nomad access worth $468.

You’ll get 30 coupons worth $14,040 that you can use to give Premium Nomad access to your clients. Each coupon grants a year access to your client, but the coupons do expire if you stop paying your monthly investment to have me teach the classes for you. So, you can only give them away if you’re actively sponsoring your city and having me teach the classes for you.

Premium Nomad Access

Plus, with your monthly investment, you will get your own Premium Nomad access so you don’t need to use one of your own coupons. In fact, you get access to some additional special resources I put up that are for real estate agent and lender sponsors only. Resources on how to run a meeting or, if you choose, on how to do additional marketing to grow your member and client base.

Contact Info on New Book

I recently just finished another book on the Nomad investing model. This one is about how to do the entire model with the smallest of down payments… just 1% down on your first home. Then, you can use the home you bought to fund the purchase of additional homes.

I wrote the book deliberately intending to write different versions for each city. In fact, I wrote custom software that will allow me to modify the numbers for the house prices, appreciation, rents, etc to model any city. That’s great news for you…

Over the next couple of months, I will have put the book up on the website. When you become a founding sponsor and come on board I will ask you for some basic information about your real estate market like the price of a home that someone might buy as a rental, what the rent might be for that property, what appreciation has been in your market and then I will put up another version of the book for your city. For the book from your city, I will reference the classes you’re holding and include your contact information as the real estate agent sponsor that understands this investing strategy and can help.

I have a friend that, in a very specific business niche, ghost writes books for people so they can use them to help acquire clients. From what I recall, it is pretty expensive to have someone write a book for you, but since I already wrote the book and we just need to modify it so that the numbers are correct for your local real estate market. You can then benefit from the upside of having a book without the huge expense and headache of actually creating one.

Instead of forking over five figures to have someone write a book for you, having your name and contact info on my book for your city it is included with the founding sponsorship.

Webinars For Your Members and Clients

The core of the service I am offering is that I will teach the classes for you and your members. About 40 times a year on Thursday evening around 6:30 PM, as a founding sponsor, you will have access to a special live webinar that you have rights to broadcast in a conference room in your city to your members and clients.

You’ll welcome people as they come in, get everyone settled and I’ll teach the class. I’ll take Q&A after the webinar. My portion will run between 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Then, after the class, you’ll stick around for a little question and answer yourself about your local market, your services and achieving their real estate goals.

I’ll handle all the prep for the presentation, the cost of the webinar service (about $160 per month) and actually teaching the classes.

Plus, I’ll record the classes (technology willing) and post them on the password protected website for your clients to be able to watch. Additionally, I’ll pay for and maintain the website that has the recordings, this website that you’re on (that costs me about $200 per month).

Plus, I’ll be updating this website’s class schedule such that Nomads can select the city they want to RSVP for and it will take them to the meetup site for that city. In other words, Nomads in your city will be taken to your city’s meetup site and able to RSVP for YOUR classes from this website.

This is all included in your monthly fee as a founding sponsor.

More To Come

As I roll out new tools and resources and we improve the system over time you’ll get the benefit of that as well. As a founding sponsor, there are bound to be some bumps in the road and things we’ll need to improve on as we take what’s working in my market and implement in 300+ different cities. Once we’ve worked out the kinks, I’ll be charging a lot more.

I am aware of a couple other folks that have charged a $34,995 setup fee and $597 per month in a different niche and included less than what I am. To be fair, they included being able to get on the phone and get coaching, on-going consulting and support. And at that price, you’d expect that. I’m not offering one-on-one telephone support—you and/or your members and clients can all ask questions about the Nomad model and implementing it right on the webinars each week. I might considering adding the ability for one-on-one coaching or consulting as we get a good size group for it and as we raise our prices in the future; in the meantime, ask questions in the Q&A sessions during the webinars. But, right now I’d like you to get involved and I’m not starting at those prices.

For those see our vision for helping real estate agents, lenders and Nomads all succeed in a win-win, you can become a founding sponsor for a one-time setup fee of $200 and a monthly fee of $97 per month.

  • That’s $297 for the first month, then $97 each month thereafter.
  • No contracts; you can cancel anytime.

Buy Now!

If you were to do this on your own, it would cost you far more than $97 per month just to pay for the website with the recordings of past classes.

In fact, if you think you can’t afford the $97 per month price tag, consider this: you’d be better off getting a job at McDonald’s at minimum wage and working the 15 hours or so a month to pay for this than to spend the 4 days per month (32 hours) writing the presentations and an additional 8 hours or so per month presenting them. And, this is obviously ignoring all the other work that is involved like the meetup site, processing and posting video recordings and more.

But really, you’re not paying for it anyway… a commission from just a single new client that bought just one house over the next year, would more than pay for the entire service. Remember, these are real estate investor clients that typically want to buy multiple houses over multiple years. However, this shouldn’t be about just recovering your cost… it should be about changing the nature of your business and having certainty that you have a system for generating new business from clients that are likely to buy multiple properties from you over shorter periods of time and that deep down value what you’re offering and respect you and your limited time. What is it worth to you to have a completely different, better business in your same field?

If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of attending high priced weekend seminars selling systems for real estate agents that fail to perform because there is a disconnect from what the presenter is teaching to what you need to actually go home, study and then implement on your own. This is different because I do it for you and I’ve been doing it for myself. It works and I’ll do what works for you.

Since I am only accepting one real estate agent and one lender per city, you can see that larger cities are probably worth more and, as my business friends have been quick to point out, I should probably charge more—a lot more—for a city like Denver, CO with a population of 650,000 than for a city like Severance, CO with a population just over 3,000. But you’ve seen my commission checks for the group I have based in Fort Collins, CO with a population of 150,000. And to be clear, you’re agreeing to run a group and be the official real estate agent or lender sponsor for that city. It doesn’t mean you can’t buy or sell homes with your clients in other cities. Nor does it prevent other sponsors in nearby cities from buying or selling homes in your sponsored city. I don’t have that much power to control where you and other people do business. I do have the power and authority to call you the official sponsor of the Nomad investing strategy and authorized to broadcast classes for the one city you sponsor.

And in case you’re wondering… can I sponsor more than one city? As much as I’d love to charge you for multiple cities, the answer is a very practical no. The classes are broadcast live on Thursday night. You need to attend your meeting. So, you can only sponsor one city. If you have a team or a partner and you each want to take a city, go for it. But, really, there is a hard and fast practical limitation that you can only be in one place at one time. So you really can only sponsor a single city by yourself.

Taking this nationally is a new program for us that is starting in January 2017 even though I’ve been teaching classes locally in Fort Collins since 2003. This is the first time we’ve done the classes in other cities, so I am trying to make the price a “too good to not do it” price. As we add additional cities and start getting additional testimonials from agents crushing it in other markets, I can assure you the monthly price for new real estate agents will be going up. Even at $497 per month, I still think it is a steal so that’s probably the price we’ll end up at when we’re operating at capacity. Of course, I love to reward loyalty so the price for existing agents—the ones that got in early and stuck with me as we grow and improve—gets locked in at the amount they sign up for.

And by the way, I think it is only fair for you to understand at least one of the main methods I am using to find real estate agents to work with so you understand the risk in waiting to have me teach classes to your members and clients in your preferred city.

  • I pick a city that I am looking for a real estate agent (or lender) sponsor in
  • I place ads on Facebook to show up for real estate agents (or lenders) that live in that city
  • I keep running ads until someone signs up then I stop running ads

So, my advertising effort is focused on finding a single real estate agent in your city until I find out, then its gone and the other real estate agent in your town (you know… the one you don’t particularly feel deserves it) got it. It is first come, first served.

Here’s what will happen next when you sign up as a founding sponsor… you’ll pay the setup fee and the first monthly fee and I’ll get to work setting up your meetup site and your contact information on the book. You’ll secure the conference room where you’ll hold your meetings. I suggest you attend the first live webinar alone to make sure your technology is setup correctly in your conference room. Then, we’ll start getting people to attend your classes that I’ll teach for you with the meetup site and any of the optional marketing you may want to do like ads on CraigsList.

Over the last six months, I did set up a couple test markets (besides my own local market) to see if just doing Meetup alone would get you a decent stream of members… and it will. Here are charts from a couple markets showing members in that group WITHOUT classes with descriptions scheduled or a sponsor in that market. My local investor club has over about 650 members. You can do additional marketing to speed it up.


The group above is capped at 50 members because I did not upgrade meetup to the pro plan for this city… yet.


And below is my club in my city (again from above)…


Continuing with what will happen once you become a sponsor…

You’ll slowly start building up members who are interested in learning more, who attend the classes and realize they’ve hit the motherlode of great information. Plus, they’ll further realize they’ve discovered someone that can help them achieve their goals without forking over $30,000 or more to the “get rich in real estate” guys.

You’ll find more and more of your clients are these special real estate investors and that it is fun and easy to work with people that respect and appreciate you.

You’ll be more relaxed and more certain of your income as you see it working and growing. You’ll learn to be able to offer people free classes on how to retire with passive income from real estate (a position of strength and giving great value) instead of asking if someone wants to buy or sell a home (a position of desperation).

I know this sounds crazy, but you’ll see the world differently… a world where you’re not wondering where your next sale will come from, but a world where you’re wondering how can I serve and help more people. And you’ll realize that you’re the only one offering this in your city… as the exclusive sponsor. Many of you will voluntarily send me birthday and Christmas gifts because you’ll want to take care of the golden goose that helps you generate so much business for a pittance. I’m happy to serve and be of value to you and provide this service.

Buy Now!

With love,

James Orr, Real Estate Broker
Mobile: (970) 225-6989
Email: jamesorr@gmail.com

P.S. You’re welcome to call, email, text or leave a comment for me below if you have questions.

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