The Best Deal Analysis Spreadsheet Ever… FREE!

Get access to Brian Williams’s deal analysis spreadsheet to analyze your own deals and make sure you’re investing profitably.

This is the same spreadsheet we use to teach all of our deal analysis classes on and can be used for buying single family homes, condos, town homes, duplexes, triplexes, four-plexes, residential commercial real estate and apartments, lease-option exit deals as well as partnerships.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You’ll be able to download the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel format (.xlsx).

Input Your Purchase Information

Each orange field is an input… just enter in a few numbers about your deal using the inputs show below…

Cash Flow Analysis Over 35 Years

And the spreadsheet does all the hard work for you… spitting out the cash flow analysis for 35 years.

Expenses Analysis Over 35 Years

It also calculates your expenses on the property over 35 years as well adjusting for increasing expenses on taxes, insurance, HOA, utilities, maintenance, property management, partnership expense if you’re paying a partner in the deal and 3 custom fields for expenses unique to your property.

It even will calculate your operating ratio and break-even ratios for you so you don’t have to.

Cash on Cash Return on Investment Analysis Over 35 Years

The spreadsheet shows your Cash on Cash Return On Investment both before and after CapEx plus it shows Cash on Cash ROI after depreciation.

Easily see your Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) for your primary loan or all your loans making it easy to see if this will help you buy your next property or hurt you BEFORE you make your buying decision.

Overall ROI Analysis Over 35 Years

See how your investment will perform if you keep it or if you sell it. It even allows you to calculate lease option deals (see our special classes on how to use the spreadsheet for lease options below).

Rent Versus Price Sensitivity Table

What is more important… price or rent? You can see easily using the rent versus price sensitivity table… it is like running dozens of what-if scenarios of your deal all at once!

Real Estate Partnerships

If you’re going to partner on a deal, this spreadsheet has you covered… whether you’re bringing in a credit partner for a fee, a credit partner for part of the deal, a deal syndicator, a money partner or two or borrowing money to get the deal done… this spreadsheet gives you the flexibility to structure truly profitable, win-win deals with partners too.

Model Property Capital Expenses (CapEx)

As we discuss in the special class on Capital Expenses (linked below), CapEx can be a major factor in every deal… that’s why you can customize your capital expenses and plan accordingly with every deal. It even takes into account inflation with CapEx.

Rent Sensitivity Analysis Table

Quickly see how changing rents affects your Cash Flow and Cash on Cash Return On Investment with the built in rent sensitivity table.

Download Deal Analysis Spreadsheet for Excel

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