Catch Up For Retirement Nomad Overview

If you recall, there are five types of Nomads. In this relatively short (and by relatively short I mean short compared to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) overview, we will be focusing on what I consider to be the largest group of Nomads: the Catch Up for Retirement Nomads.

Catch Up Nomads

BAM! You wake up one morning and realize, “HOLY CRAP! I’m 40 and behind on saving for retirement. What do I do?”

The Catch Up Nomad is typically middle aged with a good to great job and wants to save more for retirement than they have in the past. Or, maybe they’re recovering from some financial setback and need to catch up from that setback.

While they’re typically comfortable, if it makes sense financially they’re willing to move 10 times in the next 10 years. Often they can rationalize this by buying brand new properties each year. They will convert each property they buy to a rental after living in it for a year until they have 10 rental properties. They’ll probably buy an 11th property to live in after they get 10 rentals.

Below, I’ll show you some of the math behind working the Catch Up Nomad model and specifically how it is far better than investing in stocks or more traditional retirement models if you’re willing to move 10 times.

Catch Up Nomad Model Assumptions

In order to model the Catch Up Nomad strategy, I had to make some assumptions. I’ll share with you these assumptions so you can see if you beleive them to be as reasonable as I do. I do also change these assumptions to run a variety of “What If” scenarios which I gladly share in the classes I do.

I sincerely believe that the assumptions are very conservative but let me know if you’d like me to run it with a different set of assumptions.


In our Catch Up Nomad model we will be buying 10 houses over 10 years. Catch Up Nomads may be tempted to buy new construction which might have slightly different assumptions that we can discuss. I did NOT model that here.

Is this a real property? Yes. This is a real property for sale at the time of this writing in Northern Colorado.

Our first property is for sale such that you could buy it for $238,875 and get enough in Seller Concessions to cover about 2% in closing costs/fees.

In our model, I do assume that we are buying more expensive properties each year as property values go up. How much are we assuming property values are going up each year? How about 3.0% per year? Seem fair?

That means that the house we bought in the first year would be worth $246,041 in year two. It also means that the second house we buy would be purchased for that same $246,041.

Here’s a chart that shows the values of the properties as we buy them over the first 5 years.


Why are we moving into each of the properties instead of just buying rental properties? One of the main reasons we are moving into the properties is the benefit of owner occupant financing. Financing varies depending on whether you’re buying the property to live in or buying it as an investment.

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Catch Up Nomad Overview

Catch Up Nomad is primarily for Nomads using the Nomad investing strategy to catch up on saving for your retirement. I like to describe it as waking up one morning sometime around the age of 35 to 55 and realizing that you don’t quite have enough (or… gasp… anything at all) saved for retirement. What do you do? What are your options?

The Catch Up Nomad strategy shows you a clear path for utilizing Nomad to quickly and easily go from cat food to caviar.

We have two very different recordings of presentations I made for Catch Up Nomad. One is a Power Point presentation that I made in 2016 and the second is a presentation where I go over the Nomad Calculator Classic with Jassen on his Nomad properties in the context of his own Catch Up Nomad situation. Both are worth watching.

First, watch the latest recording of Catch Up Nomad where we go over the Nomad Calculator Classic with Jassen on his Nomad properties that he is using as a Catch Up Nomad himself.

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Nomad Mission and Philosophy


Local chapters of the Nomad Investor Clubs agree to abide by the Nomad Mission and Philosophy:

  • To help Nomad club sponsors and Nomads form vibrant local communities to explore, implement and master the Nomad investing strategy
  • We change lives for the better by helping people Nomad
  • We cultivate the “Go Giver” philosophy
  • “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12)
  • We celebrate the Nomad lifestyle