The Impact of Just $25 More in Rent on Rental Properties

I’m guilty of it too. I am a busy real estate agent and investor who has limited time to focus on everything. I tend to poo poo away the small expenses and small sources of income. I convince myself, paying an extra $25 here or there won’t make that much of a difference. Or, why bother tweaking and improving an area of my businesses that will save me tens of dollars when I could focus on doing another deal and make tens of thousands or more. Maybe, you are like me and the phrase, “stepping over dollars to pick up dimes” echoes incessantly through your head as well.

Well, if you’ve ever had thoughts like mine or wondered if the small stuff matters as a real estate investor, this book is for you.

I’ve spent most of my professional career analyzing properties. As often for myself as I have for clients and in marketing to find new clients. I can honestly say, I have analyzed more deals than most people will ever analyze in their lifetime. I say this not because I am perfect at deal analysis; I am not. In fact, what I’ve learned from analyzing thousands upon thousands of deals is that I still have a lot to learn. Real estate deal analysis is subtle and nuanced and complicated. And if analyzing an individual deal wasn’t challenging enough, analyzing a group of real estate deals as part of a real estate portfolio is almost unheard of, but more important than most people would imagine.

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