Your Third Nomad Property

In Your First Nomad Property we discuss the idea of buying a property as an owner-occupant, living there for a year (or more) and then converting your property to a rental when you buy your next property to live in. That’s the simplest version of the Nomad investing strategy.

Your First Nomad Property covers the basics of the plan and the tips and resources we provide on how to buy your first property with the idea of Nomading in mind.

Then, in Your Second Nomad Property we assume you own your first property already. We demonstrate what stopping at one property looks like for your net worth and cash flow (spoiler: you don’t get any cash flow without a converting the property to a rental). We also discuss how your net worth and cash flow changes if you just move once as a Nomad by buying a new owner-occupant property and keeping the property you’re moving out of as a rental.

We also show you the difference between stopping at your second Nomad property and continuing on to acquire ten rental properties as a Nomad. In case you could not guess: the difference between two and ten is significant.

Finally, in Your Second Nomad Property, we also share with you some of the resources we provide for converting your first property to a rental, marketing to find tenants, and screening tenants.

Now, in Your Third Nomad Property, we will share with you what having just two rentals and the property you’re living in looks like in terms of a number of metrics including your net worth and cash flow. That is what the plan looks like if you stop here. Then, we will remind you how amazing doing the full Nomad looks like if you decide to continue along the Nomad path.

Plus, in Your Third Nomad Property, we will go over the resources we have for you for when a tenant moves out and you need to replace them with a new tenant.

I think you’ll find Your Third Nomad Property an excellent resource for Nomads looking at their third Nomad property. Let’s begin our journey together.

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